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2020 Candidate Endorsements

As a values-led organization dedicated to building intentional Latinx political power in North Carolina, Poder NC Action seeks to support candidates who are aligned with our pro-Black, pro-Latinx (with or without papers), pro-LGBTQ, and pro-choice values. To the best of our knowledge, the candidates below share those values. We look forward to the opportunity to independently support—and push—them to use their platform and power to advance policies that will tangibly improve the lives of our community. 

  1. Learn about the candidates below and plan your vote ahead of time!

  2. Not registered to vote? Be sure to register at (deadline is Oct. 9)

  3. Already registered? Get at least 5 of your friends or family who aren't registered to do the same.


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Click on the cards below to learn more about each candidate.


Click on the cards to learn more about each candidate.


Click on the cards to learn more about each candidate.



Endorsements were decided by staff. We chose to endorse in federal level, statewide and state legislative races. We created an endorsement questionnaire and sent it to candidates who requested the questionnaire and to the political Party leadership so that they may forward the questionnaire to their candidates. We then reviewed the responses and voted on each candidate.


When assessing a candidate’s response, we attempted to gauge whether they (1) shared our values, and (2) were committed to using their elected office to advance those values, as well as the voices and interests of North Carolina’s Latinx community. Endorsements by Poder NC Action does not mean that the candidates are without flaws, but we feel we have a better chance at holding them accountable, once elected. 

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