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Mamis Chingonas


We’re inviting badass Latinx mamis to join our new group, Mamis Chingonas. If you’ve joined other parent groups but they haven’t REALLY connected with you, or you’ve felt you’ve had to silence parts of yourself, then this may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. We are a squad of liberal Latinas seeking hermandad rooted in common experiences and ganas to organize together. Juntas, we will activate our collective chingona superpowers for transformative community change.


This space is for you, chingona and together we can make it what we have been seeking in the other groups. We’re eager to connect, drink some virtual vinito, bond over being “the first” stories, and all the things you haven’t felt comfortable talking about with other moms. Nothing is taboo in this group!

Who will feel at home at Mamis Chingonas? 
  • You’re a mami or have responsibilities for younger siblings

  • You’re Latina and the 1st or 2nd generation growing up here in the US

  • You feel most comfortable in Spanglish 

  • You support our Principles 

Our Principles: Poder NC is inspired by Mijente and their orientation towards “our people.” We share this groundedness which was the result of tireless liberation work between queer Black women and queer Latinas. Thanks to their work, we too can echo our principles as being fiercely pro-Black, pro-Latinx, pro-LGBTQ, and pro-Choice.
p.s. If this group isn’t for you, but you know of a Mami Chingona, please feel free to share this page with them.



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