Who We Are

Poder is a Spanish word with dual meaning. As a verb, it means “to be able to,” and as a noun it means “power.”

OUR POWER: Poder is a 501(c)(4) organization that does civic and leadership development with Latinxs who share our values. We also educate the public about Latinx issues and independently support candidates who share our values. We are pro-Black, pro-Latinx, pro-LGBTQ, and pro-Choice.


  • Is pro-Black, pro-Latinx, pro-LGBTQ, pro-Choice

  • Unites existing leadership and organizations behind a shared vision

  • Is for all our people, with or without papers

  • Provides infrastructure to community organizations and partners who have been holding it down 

  • Is a trusted voice for civic education on issues impacting our community

  • Is where we take our cafecito together and plot to throw down

  • Is where tixs, comadres/compadres, hermanxs, and chiquillos dance, sing, paint, write, play, vision the resistance  

  • Is where, together, we grow past shared struggle into our forever power, poder por siempre.



  • Community: all of us, Latinxs con o sin papeles

  • Integrity: the ability to discern between right and wrong, a willingness to act on that discernment even at personal cost and to openly/publicly stand for that which they believe to be right

  • Transparency: ability to be honest, to consistently keep commitments and to be held accountable

  • Accountability: we take responsibility for what we do & believe in holding our leaders responsible when they do right by our people and when they don’t

  • Consistency: Our commitment to the work of building & nurturing will be year-round

  • Leadership: “accepting responsibility for enabling others to achieve purpose in the face of uncertainty.”

  • Organizing: “leadership that enables people to turn the resources they have into the power they need to make the change they want.”