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What's on the ballot?

in 2022

A Message to our Poderosxs!

The US Senate

The US Senate was allegedly described as a "cooling saucer" for the legislation coming from the US House-- today the reality is that it functions more like a Kill Switch for most legislation in congress. 

In a divide 50-50 Senate, even popular legislation rarely gets to a vote. Much of that can be attributed to the filibuster's requirement of 60 votes to bring legislation to a vote.


Even if such a majority is a long shot, protecting the ability to pass what little legislation is possible and which federal judges and cabinet members are confirmed is crucial to maintaining some sense of sanity in the US Senate. 

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What about the US House?

NC gained another seat to the US House. 

The NC Courts

The North Carolina Supreme Court can determine the constitutionality of state laws and is our most important governmental body in protecting our civil rights and personal freedoms when our legislative process is broken.

The Supreme court will decide on the constitutionality of our voting district maps, whether to uphold laws banning abortions or contraceptive access, and if our constitutional duty to provide access to education is being met.


Justices for the NC supreme court are elected in partisan elections and run for their seat as affiliated with a political party and serve 8 year terms if elected. 

Is on the Ballot.png

7 Seats in the NC Supreme Court
4 Justices for the majority
Seats on the 2022 ballot 

The NC Legislature

For the past 12 years, the NC General Assembly has been under Republican control. During those years we have witnessed them attempt to erode voting rights, reproductive access, pass anti-immigrant bills, and refuse to expand funds for medicaid or K-12 public education.

Republican attacks have currently been stiff-armed by Governor Coopers Veto, but it's mostly a defensive game for now. 


The make up of the legislature will determine whether that Veto Power is available to the governor for the rest of the term. A supermajority of republicans would take us back to 2012-2018. 

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What is a Supermajority?

A supermajority in the NC Legislature is defined as holding at least 3/5 of the seats within the House and Senate chamber.

Republicans gained the ability to override a governor's veto with their super majority in 2012.

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