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VISION:  We envision a state and a world where the material needs of everyone–but especially Black and brown people–are met, and where we see ourselves reflected in political leadership.


MISSION: Poder NC Action is a 501c4 nonprofit organization that builds people power in the growing Latinx community in North Carolina. Our mission is to increase electoral participation of Latinx folks by building community around shared values to make them feel seen, and to grow their sense of self efficacy in order to disrupt historic and/or inherited mistrust of government. 

OUR PRINCIPLES: Poder NC is inspired by Mijente and their orientation towards “our people.” We share this groundedness which was the result of tireless liberation work between queer Black women and queer Latinas. Thanks to their work, we too can echo our principles as being fiercely pro-Black, pro-Latinx, pro-LGBTQ+, and pro-Reproductive Justice. 

Poder’s base is young Latinxs and their peers. Many of our members are in rural North Carolina.

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