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The average age of North Carolina born Latinxs is 15! This means that 2024 is our year to shine at the polls, but only if we lay the groundwork and necessary investments in building the civic education, confidence, and leadership of our community.


History has taught us that with every midterm election, whomever wins the White House loses ground at the congressional and even local levels. 2022 does not have to be that way. By making an investment in the work of Poder NC for the long-term, you are helping position North Carolina to win by creating an informed and eager citizenry. 


Your donation will not be tax-deductible because we are 501(c)(4), but you will see the benefits of your investment in improved communities that are made stronger by new leaders who have the potential to ascend and bring our state along for the ride!


(Photo courtesy of Ariana Romero)

Poder NC Action is 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. Your contributions and gifts to Poder NC make a huge difference, but they are not tax deductible.


Thank you for donating and supporting our work!

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