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Leadership Development

  • Teach truth to power: invest in issue-education for current and future elected leaders



  • Elect forward-thinking Latinx leaders across North Carolina who share our progressive values

  • Work with community and elected leaders to ensure local policies are pro-Black, pro-choice, pro-Latinx, and pro-LGBTQ 

  • Hold leaders accountable when they do right by our communities, pero también cuando nos joden



  • Partner with existing organizations whose values align with ours so that we build together

  • Develop and support leaders from local communities so that they may build issue campaigns that are localized and meaningful to them, as well as supportive of our state issue campaigns

  • Lean into our rich cultural traditions to create engaging and relevant programs and campaigns



We care un chingo about our people and that's why when doing our work we will continually check in to ensure our approach is grounded in beliefs that represent our community. We will invest in the leadership skills and civic development of nuestra gente so our people have the tools they need so they can make their voices heard on issues they care about. Young Black and brown voters in nuestra comunidad already have what it takes to build a just NC—we just need to invest in them. 


"The jaguar, to the Mayans, was a powerful symbol of ferocity, strength and valor. ... As a god of the Mayan underworld, the jaguar ruled the celestial forces of night and day. As such, it represents control, confidence and leadership. Mayan warriors wore jaguar skins into battle as a sign of honor and courage."